Oh Helen they are Mother’s to!

One of my Mom’s favorite and most impassioned stories was of chasing down a red tail hawk as a small girl.

Mom loved animals. She had banty hens in the hen house next to our house. She nutured them and talked to them every day. There was nothing she loved more than to bundle up and get loaded on a sliegh pulled by our draft horses. She was a farm wife and not unfamiliar with the stables and our dairy cattle. But when it came to wildlife Mom was conflicted. Many times she had witnessed skunks, raccoons or foxes ravage the chickens.

I once red a story about Pierre Elliot Trudeau demonstrating white anger as opposed to red anger. Red anger was diffuse and chaotic. White anger was focused and in control.

Well on that day when she was ten years old my Mom demonstrated white anger. She saw it in the form of a red tail hawk and she raced screaming across the field while the hawk tried desperately to escape with its prey. Moms determination was so focused that she managed to get the hawk to release the chicken. I don’t now how the chicken fared but I know Mom’s white anger about hawks stayed alive until the day she died.

The last few years we have had a pair of red tail hawks nesting just below the house where we lived. They have provided a great deal of joy watching them soar over the barn and defend themselves from the Ravens.

I realize that Mom had justification for feeling how she did and I believe that my sisters and I were the beneficiaries of her white anger in defense of us.

So Mom Happy Mother’s Day an I just want you to realize that those hawks were mother’s to!