Posted here are some videos and slide shows. Keep in mind that these are quite data intensive so they may load somewhat slowly.

A group of Open Voices choir members made a surprise visit to our greenhouses on the long weekend in May!

Here is a slide show of the display gardens from August 19, 2012. The Gardens are past their peak and it has been a brutal summer because of heat but many things continue to look great.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

….and if you would like a video walk through on the 19th.

The Buddlea is a common feeding ground for butterflies

I believe these are two male Monarchs.

And one of the most exotic looking nectar feeders is the Hawk Moth. In larval stage they are hornworms but I don’t believe that this one is a tomato hornworm in its “other life”.

Here is a walk through of the garden from the middle of May, 2012

Lora as a new tractor driver

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