Inch by Inch Vote 2014

The results are here. It was a heated battle but the winners are;

1/ Sophie…how appropriate as Queen Sophie performs in the throne!

2/ Karen…if you have not listened to Karen you must. She does her own interpretation of the tune for “The Garden Song” and it works in spades.

3/ Dan…a special interpretation with a highly supportive partner backing him up.

As it was last year this contest was an enormous amount of fun. We had some absolutely stunning performances. The common element in everyones performances were the beaming smiles when they finished.  There is truly something special about singing and these results prove that.

I want to establish one more prize for this year and that is to the hardest working and most heartfelt performance. On the first day we had some performers who came in and spent a couple of hours honing their arrangement of “The Garden Song”. Thanks to Andy for his coaching! When they were ready we recorded them and they charmed all of the staff here and kicked off the contest to a fantastic start…Thank you!

The Maple Road Trio!

Sorry we have had to take down the video since the offers have started pouring in to hire these folks!

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