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Wolfe Island Community Garden reaches out to its schools

What’s your dream garden? When Wolfe Island’s kids were asked this question, they came up with gardens full of trees, flowers and fruit. And the occasional igloo.


The Dream Garden project was started by the Wolfe Island Community Garden, and features drawings by Sacred Heart Catholic and Marysville Public Schools.
“We wanted to get schools more involved in the garden,” says garden coordinator Donna. “Right now we have two beds for school kids – all we need now is the kids!”

Getting kids excited about gardening is easier said than done. But gardener Kayo has a plan. “We could host a kids summer program, or an after school club,” Kayo suggests at the garden’s annual general meeting. “They can come here to play, garden, and eat healthy snacks.”

Kayo at Wolfe Island Garden 1Kayo believes gardening does a lot of good for children. “There is face-to-face conversation here, and outdoor activity. Both are so important,” she tells me. “My son Francis used to be so shy, and now he helps weed for an hour!”

As it turns out, many gardeners agree with Kayo. Two weeks after Kayo’s announcement the Wolfe Island Kids Garden Club is born. Now twice a month kids can paint, snack and explore together after school!11393374_472963146199474_1092139359220247123_o

I think Kayo’s idea is great. Bringing kids to community gardens like Wolfe Island allows them to lead active lifestyles. And since our childhood habits continue on to adulthood – fortunately or unfortunately – it’s important that we raise healthy, active kids.


The Wolfe Island Community Garden aims to be a flexible, multi-purpose and sustainable outdoor resource for community use. It is a welcoming space for all ages, including youth, to exchange knowledge/experience and to develop skills related to gardening and healthy, active living.  The Garden will be a central space that encourages connection and collaboration between many residents and community groups/organizations. It is a place for residents to engage with the natural environment.

Number of allotments: Limited individual and shared plots. Priority given to residents of WolfeIsland.

Location: Village of Marysville, Centre Street, WolfeIsland

Contact: communitygarden.wi@gmail.com

Website: http://communitygardenwi.wix.com/communitygardenwi

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