3000 Tons Carbon Dioxide Emissions displaced with Biomass heating!

“To survive and flourish in the long run, we usually need to develop mutualistic relationships. Nonmutualistic members will eventually disappear or lose influence in the community.” ~J. M. Trappe

We find that peoples interest in the environmental aspects of our business and the world around them is quite varied. We have an interest both in creating a pleasant environment for our customers from both their shopping experience to their ultimate enjoyment of the fruits of our labours be it a colourful flower bed or a fall cornucopia from their vegetable garden.

If in addition to enjoying the products and services we offer you wold like to see a bit backstage of how we are trying to control the environmental impact that we have then please explore these pages.

These steps are modest but represent some of our best efforts to both understand our effects and control them in a conscious manner.

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