Mystery Lettuce

A learning experience at the Queen’s West Campus Community GardenQueen's West Campus Garden 7

It was green when they planted it. But when couple Sarah and James returned to check on their lettuce, they found it completely transformed. “It was red!” Sarah said laughing. “Can you tell we are new to gardening?”

-Mystery- Lettuce at Queen's West Campus GardenSarah and James are getting their hands dirty at the Queen’s West Campus Community Garden this summer. They planted in pots last year, but now feel ready to commit to a garden bed. “It’s exciting to watch what you grow,” James tells me. “As for me, I like that plants don’t talk back,” Sarah says with a grin.

Though they are garden newbies, they work well together. “We have a combined knowledge,” Sarah tells me. “My mother was a gardener, and James does a lot of googling. We make a good team.”


The Queen’s Garden was started in 2010 by the Sustainability Office. “We knew students and staff that were interested, so we brought these groups together and pooled our resources,” says Office Manager Aaron Ball. “We chose West Campus because there is an open green space here.”

James at Queen's West Campus Garden
James and Kate

Despite the on-campus location, it’s not just students and staff that rent out beds. Citizens like Sarah and James also sign up to be members. “I come here everyday after work to water our baby,” James tells me as he tends to his bed.

Visiting Queen’s West Campus I learned that anyone can garden. You don’t need knowledge or experience, only a few spare minutes after work. And, with time, you learn the tricks of the trade. Community gardens provide great learning opportunities – just don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Located at the Stone House near tennis courts at West Campus of Queen’s University; (Sir John A. Macdonald), priority given to the Queen’s University Community, but plots are often available for the general public.

Number of allotments:  16; plus two for programming
Contact: or 613-533-3379


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