You say Potato…

potatoes_z1ZEvDOdFor several years we have been a source of sweet potato cuttings. This year we are also selling seed potatoes.

We have found an excellent source of certified seed potatoes in Squirrel Farms Seed Potatoes….that’s a surname not the workforce! They were great people to order from and many thanks to Jeff Klug from Root’s Down Organic Farm for picking them up for us.

Here is a list of the varieties with a brief description of each one.

Adirondack Blue:

Deep purple skin with purple flesh.

High yields of large oblong tubers with consistent dark blue-purple flesh that hold their colour when cooked. High in antioxidants.

Adirondack Red:

Deep red skin with red to pink flesh.

Oblong tubers hold their red color when cooked and are high in antioxidants. Resistant to hollow heart; moderately resistant to common scab.

Dark Red Chieftain:

Brilliant red skin with bright white flesh.Good flavour with creamy smooth texture. Regular spherical shape.


Best eating early russet.

Medium-large russeted tubers with dry white flesh that store well and are suitable for baking and frying. Resistant to hollow heart; moderate resistance to verticillium wilt, blackspot, and scab.

Irish Cobbler:

Excellent flavoured in an early potato. The traditional favourite early potato for home gardeners. Very popular for its distinctive taste and dry, creamy, white flesh that boils and bakes exceptionally well. Medium sized, round potatoes.

Red Thumb:

Bright red thumbs with light pink flesh. Very productive.

Late-season fingerling heirloom variety that is highly regarded for its uniform size, disease resistance and storage qualities.


Standard early season round white.

Yukon Gem:

A late yellow fleshed Yukon cross. Scab resistant and yields well.

Yukon Gold:

Mid season yellow fleshed variety. Considered the best tasting yellow variety.


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