Watercolour workshop

Jane Brunton produced this at the workshop.

Credit is due to Carolyn once again. For a few hours each of the last 2 weekends a group of people led by Carolyn, have met in our gardens to learn a bit about painting with watercolours. It is a different group each time with a few regulars. We are quite a mixed bunch. Some really know a lot about painting, some are complete novices (me).  I was intrigued to see that the ones with experience were picking up ideas on technique that they hadn’t known. For us novices, Carolyn provided a non judgmental space in which to play around with colour. I would like to boast that the setting was perfect.  In under the trees with a light breeze blowing, staring at the gardens for inspiration. I think everyone left relaxed and happy for how they had spent their afternoon.

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