Garlic Varieties


Unique sport of Reliable that is now a porcelain variety.  Selected by Paul & Mary Lou Pospisil, Beaver Pond Estates in Maberly!  Tends to be milder flavour and is one of the largest bulbs.

Georgia Crystal

High Allicin content. Produces large bulbs with a small # of cloves. Mildest flavour both raw and cooked. Stores very well.


The standard garlic for growing in Ontario. Always reliable production. One of the largest garlic it is very hot when raw. The heat fades when cooked but the strong garlic flavour persists. Peels easily when cured.

Georgia Fire

Large garlic with few cloves. Easy to peel. Hot but not unpleasantly so.

Russian Red

Slightly smaller (but more) cloves then Music. Easy to peel when cured. Slightly hotter than average.

Polish Jenn

Large bulbs and cloves.  Hot when raw but heat fades when cooked.  Slightly milder then Music.

Susan Delafield

Robust variety.  One of the hottest varieties.  Similar to Music in its size and reliability.


Beautiful red striped bulbs. Nice balanced flavour with excellent garlic flavour and moderate hotness.

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