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There is a large variety of shapes and sizes of Hosta – from miniatures to giants. They are well-loved by shade gardeners for good reason. Mix and match but keep in mind how tall each variety grows and how much each spreads.  For shade to part shade.

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Tokudama flavocircinalis, Albomarginata, Big Daddy, June, Ben Vernooij, Blue Angel 5.5 inch Pot, Blue Angel 2 gallon Pot, Brim Cup, Blue Mammoth, Brother Stefan, Dream Queen, Elegans, Fire Island, Fragrant Bouquet, Fried Bananas, Francee, Guacamole, Halcyon, Minuteman, Patriot, Paul's Glory, Purple Sensation, Stained Glass, Sum and Substance 2 Gallon Pot, Wide Brim, Albomarginata 4 inch, Gold Standard 5.5Inch Pot, Francee 4 Inch Pot