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Fuchsias are a popular choice for summer bedding schemes and containers, due to their attractive, usually pendent flowers from summer to autumn. Some are hardy enough to be used in perennial planting schemes, and may even be clipped into a low-growing hedge. Attracts bees and especially hummingbirds.

‘Dollar Princess’
Bears small, double flowers with short, purple tubes and red sepals, in contrast with dark-green leaves. Grow it in pots on the patio in partial shade – plants should be overwintered indoors.

‘Dark Eyes’
Has hot pink sepels and a deep purple corolla with pink stamens. An excellent choice for a container or hanging basket. The plant needs afternoon shade in warm temperatures.

Flowers with rich red sepals and white corollas bloom spring to fall.

‘Winston Churchill’
Winston Churchill is a very free-flowering bushy upright fuchsia with double flowers of pink and lavender-blue. Not fully hardy and will need some shelter from cold drying winds. Prefers a well-drained, fertile soil in sun/partial shade.

A great container plant for the shaded porch or patio, Gartenmeister Fuchsia is a vigorous grower with an upright habit. Its showy, dark bronze and green leaves are veined with red-purple hues. The single, long-tubed, brick red flowers bloom all summer until frost. To encourage more blooms, lightly shear and fertilize the plant midway through the growing season. This fuchsia can also be planted in the partially shaded garden. While it will tolerate full sun, it thrives in partial shade.

Fuchsia ‘Marinka’ is a trailing fuchsia bearing large flowers in two shades of red. It’s perfect for growing in a mixed container display including a window box or hanging basket.

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Dark Eyes, Dollar Princess, Swingtime, Marinka, Gardtenmeister