Endive – Batavian Broad – Seeds


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Broad Leaved Batavian Escarole Seeds Heirloom Vegetable. Endive and escarole are grown like lettuce, either in rows or patches. Escarole tastes best when grown quickly in cooler weather. Be sure to add nitrogen fertilizer to the soil. This escarole produces well-rounded, tightly packed, dark green heads with deeply blanched, succulent, creamy-white hearts. A mild, delicate taste that is sure to win you over. Wonderful quickly ‘wilted’ in olive oil. Scrumptious. Broad Leaved Batavian is an old variety from way back in the 1860’s.

How to Grow:
750 seed/gram. Sow seed directly outdoors in June, 6 mm (1/4″) deep in rows 60 cm (24″) apart. Thin seedlings to 20 cm (8″) apart within the row. To promote tenderness and to discourage bitterness, blanch the inner leaves by tying the larger outer leaves up over the centre about 7 to 10 days before harvesting – make sure the outer leaves are dry when you do this.

Lifecycle: Annual
Propagation: Sow Direct
Days to Emergence: 7 to 10
Light: Full Sun
Growth Habit: Bushy
Frost Tolerance: Can Withstand Light Frost
Days to Harvest: 90
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Heritage: Heirloom
Length of Row Packet: One packet sows approximately 6 m (20′) of row.
Family Name: Asteraceae
Latin: Cichorum endivia latifolium