Bloom Time: Summer

Sun: Full sun

Height: 24″

Colour: Rose/Purple

Soil Requirements: Well-drained

  • Apricot Rainbow Marsella 6 inch pot
  • cheyenne Spirit
  • Eccentric Yellow
  • Eccentric
  • Feeling Pink
  • Feeling white
  • Firebird
  • GreenTwister
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Paradoxa
  • Prima Donna Rose
  • White Fascinator
  • Playful Meadow Mama
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This is a showy, hardy, pest-free perennial. It seeds itself but is not invasive. It blooms for a long time. If not deadheaded it will spread readily through the garden. The roots are what are used as a herbal remedy to help prevent colds.


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Apricot Rainbow Marsella 6 inch pot, Butterfly Kisses, cheyenne Spirit, Eccentric Yellow, Eccentric, Feeling Pink, Feeling white, Firebird, GreenTwister, Mellow Yellow, Paradoxa, Prima Donna Rose, White Fascinator, Playful Meadow Mama