Garlic Progress

For the past three years we have been experimenting wth overwintering a garlic crop in our greenhouses. We do so in the greenhouse that houses our overwintering perennials. It is kept heated to maintain a temperature of about -5C so that everything freezes but does not get exposed to extreme cold.

In addition to a normal crop grown from cloves we have produced bulbils. These bulbils will develop into normal bulbs over the course of succesive plantings taking up to 4 years to do so. In the years leading up to them producing normal segmented bulbs they produce rounds. The rounds are normally smaller then a clove of garlic and until they reach the proper stage won't be segmented into cloves. 

It is all quite fun although I have to admit that Ruth planted everyone of these boxes in the fall!… I guess she had most of the fun  smiley.

Our Garlic crop just before moving outside

Our next step is to go through the boxes and do any weeding (very little) and them move them onto the outside beds to grow on to maturity. 

Stay tuned to get your garlic scapes!


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