Fuchsia Hanging Baskets

Every year I choose a crop to worry about. Last year it was the big hanging baskets. I felt we didn't have enough soon enough. This year I look around with satisfaction at the range of baskets we have and how well they are sizing up. Oh and Fuchsias. They seemed to sell out in no time last year. All you Fuchsia lovers better come because this year I have lots.


This year I have had no sleepless nights because I believe we have a reasonable stock of all the essentials and then s

ome. Take a look at our revised plant list. You will see that we may even have gone a bit overboard. Nineteen types of Sedums…what was I thinking?

Still lots to do before we can set up a display, but with a winter storm 2 days ago to cope with, I hope we can be forgiven.


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