Waterer Plant Culture Assistant


The waterer is the most important job of all. Their responsibility is no less than to keep all the product we have alive until it matures and we can sell it.

What characteristics have the best waterers had in common?

  • Highly perceptive; It is necessary to be able make highly nuanced judgements about the conditions that plants are experiencing and then act accordingly.
  • Good mechanical aptitude; It is not necessary to be an engineer but it is very helpful to be able to follow a circuit diagram and exercise basic logic in determining how something works.
  • A sense of curiosity about their natural environment; If you are curious about how things work and how plants grow then the job becomes infinitely more interesting. There are consequences to all your actions as a waterer and your ability to see the results of your actions and then adjust your subsequent actions will determine your success in the job.
  • The ability to work alone happily; Most of the time the waterer works on their own. They may co-ordinate with another person but they will tend to work some distance from one another. If you cannot work unless you are surrounded by people you won’t be happy.
  • Good understanding of basic science.

This can be one of the most satisfying jobs owing to the sense of responsibility and subsequent sense of accomplishment that then follows.

This job will start April 1 or before and is located at our Odessa location. If you are interested please send your resume including references to Brian Burt

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