Job Application Guidelines

Applying to Burt’s Greenhouses is easy. But before you do you should try to put your best foot forward and give us the most accurate impression of your strengths.

  • The things you need for an application are resume and references.
  • Make sure that any information you submit is accurate. If you claim to be a brain surgeon be prepared to operate!
  • References are required before you can get an interview. Don’t make us chase after them.
  • It is important to have a reference from the last job you had if possible.
  • Calling your references to make sure they are willing to stand for you is not a waste of time. Often people leave jobs or telephone numbers change. It does not make a good impression to have to look up phone numbers or chase down referees at a new job.
  • Double check all contact information, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Please check the location of the jobs and determine if you have transportation and accommodation before you apply.
  • Remember everything you do is making an impression so think carefully about the contents of your email or cover letter…..edit.

Once your references are checked and you are chosen for an interview please try and make arrangements for a meeting in a timely fashion.

The interview will involve some casual conversation about your goals, some behavioural based questions (questions that are to be answered giving concrete examples from your past), and a simple test in the form of a spreadsheet designed to measure reading comprehension, logic and math skills. Depending on the job you apply for it is possible we may include some further questions and testing.

One of the questions you will be asked is if you have any questions.  it is a good idea to consider ahead of time questions about the job or our business that you may have so that you don’t have to think on your feet quite so much.

Once you are ready to apply please send your resume including references to Brian Burt

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