Work at Burt’s Greenhouses

We hire lots of people at Burt’s Greenhouses. We like to think that it can be a fun place to work. The people we hire like to work hard, share a joke and enjoy watching the scenery around them change as the plants that they have helped grow transform before their eyes.

The work at Burt’s Greenhouses gets broken down into a number of categories. If you like to work we will have a category that you fit into.

The mix of people that we have ranges from young to old. Some of them get off the school bus after school and some of them drive the school bus! We are quite flexible with respect to hours as long as you are reliable. If you can only work half days or 3 days a week we can likely accommodate you.

If you like a challenge then we can provide it for you. At the end of a day you will feel part of a team and you will be able to see the fruits of your labours.

The categories of work are not mutually exclusive and because we are a small business people often have to do variable jobs taking into consideration their capacities.