Listening to the radio today I heard something about an “App” available from an organization called Buycott. One of the primary functions of Buycott is to allow the identification of a products “family tree” from scanning the product. The family tree is made up of the company that made the product and its relationships to its parent companies etc.


So in the same vein as Buycott and the interest of transparency I would like to admit that Burt's Greenhouses is owned by Brian Burt and Ruth Hayward. Its relationships to any other parent company does not exist…the buck stops here!


A further confession is that we are using replacement workers. We have drawn these workers away from their native lands to work at Burt's Greenhouses. They have come from Toronto, Ottawa, Napanee, Kingston, Yarker and from as far away as the UK! We hope that leaving their families to come to an exotic land has not resulted in too much hardship.


And lastly we would like to acknowledge that we could not have made it through the season without the help of those workers. Thanks!…..Lora, David, Alex, Nyree-Dawn, Carolyn, Anita, Colleen, Hanna, Sarah, Emmy, Hayden, Amanda, Colin and Snapdragon.  

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