Hospice Fundraiser Sale

Starts Thursday September 1!

Until Sept. 15

We have partnered with  Hospice Kingston and Hospice Lennox and Addington for a fall fund raiser.

Our Mission: To provide comfort and support for individuals and families living with a life-limiting illness or coping with grief and loss.

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Our Services. Visiting Volunteer Program, providing supportive palliative care
Adult Bereavement Support, offering both one-on-one and group support.

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Our 3.5″ perennials will be 50% off making them 1.25/pot! 100% of the proceeds from those sales will be going to these two charities. 

Everything else we have will be on special as well. Other sizes of perennials and shrubs will be 25% off.

This is a perfect opportunity to support these charities and to stock your perennial garden at one of the best times of the year to plant.

But that is not all. We have a # of special guests coming over the two weeks as well as a garlic workshop.


Garlic Workshop


We will have a presentation at 10:00 on Sunday Sept. 4 on our seed garlic production. You will learn how we grow garlic out from bulbils to create the cleanest seed stock possible and we will be ready to answer any questions you may have.


Wilton Wheat Kings ……have been selling bread in Wilton over the course of the summer and have developed a loyal following.  They will be setting up on Saturday Sept 3 and 10th at 9:00 am. until they are sold out each day. WWK will be donating 20% of bread sales to Hospice Kingston and Lennox and Addington!

Hamlet of Wilton

Special thanks to Wilton Community Association for donating kitchen facilities to help the Wilton Wheat Kings with this sale!


“Chickadee” our very first and extraordinary “Flower Fairy” will be entertaining on Sept.  3 and 4 from 1 to 3.  She will be sure to have some special surprises for us in that suitcase! You can check out what Chickadee has been up to over the course of the last year in other parts of her life here.


Secretly located in one of the most famous haunted houses in Wilton is Wilton Soap. Kate will be set up from 10 to 2 on Sunday Sept 4 and 11. She will be donating her profits from sales on the two days to Hospice Kingston and Lennox and Addington.

My soaps are handmade with mostly all natural ingredients, without any preservatives. As a result, they are best stored in a cool, dark place, and used within six to twelve months. Storing them in the fridge will help them last even longer.

Different oils lend different properties to soap… lather, moisturizing, cleansing, hardness, etc. The harder bars prefer a lot of use to avoid cracking; the softer bars prefer a chance to dry out between uses. Some of the oils may cause a reaction for those with allergies or sensitive skin so please read the ingredients and comments carefully.

And yes, just like the name says, the shampoo bars are what you’d think. Take a bar and rub it through your hair. You’ll have a rich lather in no time, and they’re long lasting too. Our planet will be grateful for one less shampoo bottle and your hair and scalp with thank you too.

With many thanks to the soap-making gurus that have guided me along this path, I hope you enjoy using these as much as I have enjoyed making them!


European Trends in Gardening
Sunday September 4th at 1 PM.
Multi-colour shrub hedges and bamboo hedges are two European trends that are effecting garden design in Canada. Join Mr. Kerjean, Master Engineer (Horticulture), owner of Jplant Propagation Nursery to learn about growing bamboo in your garden, and choosing the right flowering shrubs for dramatic hedges.

Jplant will have range of their multicolor hedge packages available. The company will donate 25% of all sales to the fundraiser.
Jplant is a new plant propagation nursery just north of Napanee that sells bamboo, ornamental grasses and shrubs wholesale to landscapers and nurseries in Ontario and Quebec.



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