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For plant list of plants of all types we have available at our greenhouses; Plant List

UC Davis is a wonderful resource of evidence based information about vegetable handling and storage.

This chart shows the vegetables that we have currently available as well as the formats that we normally sell them in.
Updated Aug. 14

Mixed Mild Greens1 lb, 225 gm, 140 gmMixed Mild Greens
Mixed Spicy Greens1 lb, 225 gm, 140 gmSpicy Mixed Greens
Beet Greens1 lb., 225 gm., 140 gm Beet Greens
Mint30 gm 140 gmMint
1 lb, 225 gm, 140 gmLimited
Arugula1 lb., 225 gm.,140 gmArugulaLimited
Mizuna1 lb., 225 gm., 140 gmMizuna
Sweet Potato Greens140 gm 225 gm 1 kgSweet Potato Greens
Leaf Celery30 gm, 140 gLeaf Celery
Mixed Micro Greens30 gm, 140 gm.Mixed Micro Greens
Radish Micro Greens30 gmRadish Micro Greens
Shiso30 gm 140 gmShiso
30 gm 140 gmCilantro
Basil30 gm, 140 gmBasilBest stored at 50 degree F.
Green Leaf Sorrell30 gm, 140 gmGreen Leaf SorrelBest Lemony Flavour
Thyme30 gmThyme
Chervil30 gmChervil
Oregano30 gm
Curled Leaf Parsley30 gm
Italian Parsley30 gm 140 gmItalian Parsley
Rosemary30 gm 140 gm Rosemary
Thai Basil30 gm. 140 gmThai BasilBest stored at 50 degree F.
Red Leaf Sorrel30 gm, 140 gm.Red Leaf Sorrel
Purslane30 gm. 140 gmPurslane

…and below are pictures of some of the vegetables that we sell.