Hallie’s Insight

We have often felt guilty about the attention we were able to give our children in the busy spring season. Here is something that Hallie wrote about the experience and adult insight into that experience after her recent visit.

“I write this after having spent a few weeks working and living with my parents. I am heading back to Toronto to continue in an intensive theatre program. It has been such a pleasure and extremely educational for me to come home, especially during this busy time of year. Basically what I want to share with you is a small peek into the minds of Brian and Ruth (muhaha!)

Spring in our home has always meant work, stress, and problem solving. As a child I have to admit I was often annoyed with the constant talk of work during April and May. But being home these past few weeks I have learned some valuable life lessons from my folks. What amazes me about my parents is their ability to see problems as a natural part of work and life. Day to day they work constantly to manage every part of the business. They continuously work to improve systems, address concerns of customers and staff. They understand that some things will inevitably go “wrong” and they get on with it. Most importantly, they laugh! It can be the most intense week of the season with technical glitches, staffing dilemmas, and lack of sleep and you will still hear the booming laughter coming from the kitchen, living room or office. They allow themselves to take as much humour out of their days as possible and it makes the days more manageable and even fun! So thanks Mom and Dad – I am going back to school for the summer term with a knowledge of hard work, problem solving and LAUGHTER!”