View Order History

Each order that has been sent is stored and can be viewed by clicking the View Order History button. This reveals a screen with the following fields:

Order History
Field Heading Description
itemName The name of the plant
SendMe The number of plants put in the order
itemDet Item Detail
itemQ Quantity or number of items
itemP The Price of the item
itemCat. Plant Category
itemHG Item Home Grown – (not used)
Text17 Plant State

You first see the most recent order. But you can move to previous orders by using the record arrows at the bottom of the screen. Once the order has arrived it can be checked off as received at the top of the History screen. Any orders not marked as received are tallied in the Count of Orders NOT received which is seen at the top of the ordering screen. To the left of this field is “Flats OTR” which stands for “flats on the road” and shows the Total number of flats ordered but not yet received

Note: It is advisable to check the History before placing an order to ensure that an order has not already been sent in by other staff and to ensure that delivered orders have been checked off as Received.