Plant Inventory

Get Inventory Data

Sometimes you will be requested to do an inventory of the plants at your site at your satellite location.

To help in this process you will receive an inventory list with the Quantity field zeroed out. This list is acquired by pressing the “Get Inventory Data” button which should produce the following message:

If there is an inventory already in process that hasn’t been sent to headquarters then the following message appears:

If you want to scrap an old inventory in progress and start a new count then click Yes, otherwise click No to continue with a current inventory count still in progress.

Record Inventory

Click “Record Inventory” to get the list. The fields for this list are:

Count Inventory
Field Heading Description
productid Unique Product Identification Number
Name The name of the plant
Container The size/colour of the container
Category The plant category
Quantity Number of Items Counted.

Now you go around the greenhouse with the machine filling in the quantities as appropriate. The program’s filtering and sorting capabilities might come in handy here because you are dealing with a very long list. You can close the window at any time and go back to it selecting the “ Record Inventory” button.

Eg. If you are working in the perennials you will want to filter for perennials and to sort on name. You may also wish to further filter on pot size.

The quanities that you will enter into the quanity field are aproximations of the shipping units you have. EG you have a flat of 4″ geraniums with 8 pots in it. You will round it up to 1 full flat since they are ordered by the flat. If you have a flat that is less than 1/2 full then you round down.

Send Inventory Data

When the Inventory is complete it can be sent to headquarters by pressing the “Send Inventory Data” button. This produces the following message:

Followed by:

Inventory History

Should you wish to view Inventories that have been done in the past you can activate the Inventory History button. This will show you the latest inventory in a screen that looks like the following:


This is a view of the latest submitted inventory. There are two sets of arrows at the bottom of the screen. The outer set navigates to previous inventories while the inner set moves up and down through the inventory list. Because the list is so large it might be useful to right click and use Access’s filtering and sorting capabilities to focus in on certain items in the inventory list.