Introduction and Keyboard Navigation

The  Ordering program is used to order stock from the main grwowing greenhouses in Odessa for the retail locations in Belleville, Napanee  Kingston and Odessa. Through it you can see what stock is available to order and it has a node for taking inventory at your site as well.

Ordering is not difficult but it does involve other people, time and transportation resources.  Care should be taken  to order appropriate amounts of plants in a timely manner and to avoid the costly mistakes of ordering too much or too little.

Double Clicking the Order Icon on the desktop activates the program.

The program begins by showing the Button Panel which acts as your ordering interface.

Navigating Using the Alt Key

It is useful to know that any command, button or field whose name has an underlined letter in it can be activated by pressing Alt along with that particular underlined item. For example, pressing Alt-2 activates the Edit order” button. Once inside the order window you can press Alt-M to go to the Message area or Alt-F to press “Finish and close” back to the Button Panel.

Running commands from the keyboard is useful in keeping your hands on the keyboard which is a more efficient way of running the program rather than relying on a mouse.

Things to Ignore

The Button Panel is all you need to run the program. This means you can ignore the Access Database window in the background. You can also ignore the “Local settings” button at the top of the Button Panel and the “Special things” button at the bottom. You only go into these areas if instructed to do so.

The Numbered Buttons

The important buttons are those with numbers on them; especially the numbers one through four which involve the ordering process. We will go through each of these buttons to explain what is done when ordering stock.