There are a lot of plants to choose from with different sizes of containers. To avoid mistakes we can filter on certain types of plants to remove excess information. The Cats or Categories box at the top left of the screen is one such filtering device. It allows you to only see one plant or plant-sign category at a time instead of a list of close to 2000 records.

These categories can be further filtered by using the Keyword box at the bottom of the screen. For example, if I type Impatien in Keyword followed by a Refresh I will see the following list of Annual Flowers:


Only records with the word Impatien in the Name show up. Removing the Keyword value followed by a Refresh returns all records in the category.

Another way to focus records is by using the filtering capabilities of the Access Database. For example, we could filter for 1540 black containers by right clicking on that value in the Cont field. This brings up the following context sensitive menu:

Choosing “Filter By Selection” causes only records with 1540 black to show. The window will show only the annual flowers in 1540 black containers:

This filter is deactivated when you right-click and choose “Remove Filter/Sort”.