Edit Order

Clicking the “Edit order” button shows an Order window:

Fields in this window are explained in the following two tables:

Order Headings
Field Heading Description
Name The name of the plant
Cont Container number/size
Rdy The plant’s ready state
SendMe The number of plants to put in the order
TO Total Ordered Last Year
OTR On The Road, ordered but not yet delivered
IQ Inventory Quantity – Amount Ordered YTD
Q Quantity of Stock at the Main Greenhouses
Cat. Plant Category
ID Plant Identification Number
P Price
tot Total Value (P * SendMe)
Order Header and Footer Fields
Field Heading Description
Cats Category – only one shows at a time
Msg Message area for specific requests or instructions,
SendMe>0 Filter for  showing only Items Ordered
Count of Orders NOT received Number of Orders still outstanding
Flats OTR Flats on the Road that have been ordered but haven’t arrived.
user Satellite location user
Keyword Search Text to filter on Name Field
Finish and close Close back to the Button Panel
Total Items Total items in the current order
Total value Total value of the current order

There are no records showing until you filter on a Category. By selecting the Annual Flowers Category in the top left corner and then pressing the Refresh button to renew the list you will see a screen similar to the following:

At this point you go through the greenhouse with your Satellite Orders laptop deciding which plants need to be ordered so that shelves are appropriately stocked. You decide, for instance, that you want 3 flats of white impatiens in 1204 containers. You note that there are lots in stock, 29 flats available at the main greenhouse. So you type in 3 under SendMe. The price is then be multiplied by SendMe to give you a total value under tot.

Because SendMe is no longer zero for white impatiens it becomes a part of your current order. As you change SendMe for other items they too will be added to the order while Total Items and Total value continues to accumulate at the bottom of the screen.

Ordering more items than are in stock activates the following message:

We not only avoid taking more stock than is available but we should also be ensure to leave some stock behind for the other greenhouses in the system. In the plant list above we have already noted that there are 29 white impatiens under Q (quantity) which represents the amount of available inventory at the main greenhouses. But you will also note that there are only 3 Flowering Kale. In this case you would probably order only one tray so as to leave some behind for the other retail sites in the system.