Revisting Orders and Customers

Pinged orders can be viewed again by choosing “Review Past Orders” at the Main menu. This brings up the Past Orders window with the most recent Order displayed. Pg DN will scroll you to previous orders. I have paged down to find the Jane Doe’s order in the following diagram. If a customer has come for an invoice of this particular order then double clicking on the Invoice field will print a receipt.

While the customer name is highlighted you can activate their customer record by typing a question mark. This customer record can also be activated with a question mark after a customer has been placed in the CustID field in a new order. For Jane Doe we see that some data has changed automatically:

Her discount level is now 1. Her total sales for this season on non sale items is $52.58. Her total sales on specials or sales for the season is $9.99. The date Jane Doe was created as a customer was on March 17, 2009 as shown in the Date entered: field.

Filtering Orders for a Particular Customer

Pressing the “History” button (Alt-y) produces an order history of the client.

It shows the totals for each order along with the percentage discount applied to each sale.

You can retrieve a complete order in this list by double clicking on the appropriate Order ID. This causes the Past Orders window to open showing the Order in full. This is very useful when trying to locate a past order.