Introduction and Keyboard Navigation.

The Point of Sale Program (POS) records orders and tracks volume of sales by customer. It uses this data to track volume discounts related to the total sales per customer for the season. This program will become very familiar to you because it is invoked for every sale made at the main greenhouses in Odessa.

POS is attached to an Access database. When run the opening window looks like this:

Most people navigate screens with their mouse. With POS, however, navigation works best through the keyboard. By keeping your hands on the keyboard the process runs smoother. Therefore keyboard commands are mentioned throughout this manual. Some common keyboard commands are:

Key Combination Description

Tab Move ahead to next field or button
Shift-Tab Move back the previous field or button
Alt-Underlined Character Move to Field or Activate Button with that underlined character in its name.
Ctrl-F4 Close the Active Window
Enter Press the Active Button
F4 List
CTRL-Tab Leaves the Order Detail area to return to the main order record

Tabbing, for instance, causes you to move from button to button on the opening screen. Enter will press whichever button is active or move you to the next field. You can also press Alt plus the letter that is underlined in the print on the button you wish to press. Alt-N, for example, will take you into the “New & Pending Orders” area which is where the majority of time is spent.