Creating and Order part 2

The next example involves entering a new customer. Her name is Jane Doe. She would like to be added into the database to take advantage of the season long discount. This action also keeps track of her purchases so that the warranty on the plants we sell her can easily be honoured.

Creating a new customer is accomplished by typing a question mark while in the blank “CustID” field. This action opens a new customer window.

You enter the person’s name, address and phone information. A “VPN” (Vender Purchase Number) means no PST is charged to the customer. It is most often used for Band Numbers from First Nations people. Pressing F4 while on “SalesPerson” allows you to select your name from an employee list. You have finished entering the customer as all remaining fields will populate automatically. Press Ctrl-F4 to close the window.  Although we don’t see Jane yet she now exists in the client list and can be entered into “ClientID”.

Jane is starting her vegetable garden so she buys celery, eggplants, cabbage etc.

The “Running” field gives the total value of the order. The “w/disc” field shows the total amount with the discount subtracted. In this case Jane hasn’t reached the fifty dollar mark to move into the 10% discount bracket therefore these two fields are the same. “W/taxes” is the total owing with PST and GST included.

Jane then adds in a Herb Planter putting the order over $50. The discount triggers making “w/disc” will 10% less than “Running”. Taxes are applied to the lesser amount.

Jane’s final item is a SP Hanging Bag. This item is on special and you can tell this for sure because “noDP” (No Discount Push) is checked. Therefore it is added onto the order without being discounted.

Jane’s order is done. If necessary go to “EmpID” (Alt-E) and select your name from the list to associate it with the order. Finally you ask Jane if she would like an invoice. She says yes so you type Alt-V to check off the “Invoice” box. This prints a receipt that acts as proof that she bought a plant should she wish to bring it back under warranty.

Jane produces a credit card so you go to PayMethod (Alt-M) and change from Cash to Credit Card. The amount owing automatically populates “CDN$in” and “Ping” button becomes active. Pressing Enter or Alt-P ends the order.

Please Note: Authorization must be received from Brian or Ruth for the PayMethods of Cheque or Account.

In the event we do another order for Jane Doe we can press the “Detail” button (Alt-D) to see tax information about this order as well as a discount history.

In this example Jane Doe has come back for 2 swiss chard on sale at 1.49 each. Therefore since “NoDiscPush:” (No Discount Push ) equals the whole value of the order then a discount is not applied.