Tracking Hours – Scheduler

Burt's Greenhouses Staff Website

The Burt's Greenhouses staff web page can be found at  You will be provided with an employee ID and password that you will use to access private features on the page.  The only resource you will find useful here is the "Employee reporting" function which allows you to log in the hours for shifts you have worked either today or yesterday.

We will be using the WhenIWork site for scheduling. You will be invited to this service via email before the season begins and can set your own password. It is suggested you use the same email address and password that your corresponds with your BGH staff page log in information. Some features of this site you may find useful include: 

  • Making a time-off request & viewing the supervisor response to your request
  • Viewing your employee schedule
  • Creating availability preferences (NOTE: If you require time off, make a time off request. If you prefer working PM shifts, you can enter that, but it is by no means guaranteed)
  • Syncing your employee schedule with your personal calendar software
  • Decide what type of alerts you want: email or SMS (text) 
  • View "open shifts" that need to be filled

You are responsible for checking the staff website AND when i work frequently. 

How frequently?

Website function How often should you visit? Why is this important?
Logging hours worked

Must be done the day that you work the shift or the day after you have worked – no later. It is best to record your hours immediatly at the end of your shift while you are at the greenhouse. It cannot be done in advance.

The system offers either 12hr clock or 24hr clock format. You can enter hours in the format that you prefer. 

The system stops you from logging hours after midnight the day after you have worked.  This function exists to count your hours so that you are paid and forces you to log your hours quickly before forgetting them
Making time-off requests Must be done as early as possible. A time-off request should be made no later than 2 weeks before the desired vacation day, but earlier is better. Your request will receive a response within a few days. You must request time off online. Any verbal requests to supervisors will be ignored until you make the request formally on the when i work website.
Viewing your schedule Must be done every week. Your schedule will be completed at least two weeks in advance.  Changes made less than two weeks before you work will be communicated to you directly. The schedule on the when i work website is accurate – there is no paper or hardcopy of the schedule. You must check the schedule frequently to ensure you work the correct shifts at the correct location.
Correspondence with supervisor You may email your supervisor at anytime, and you will receive a response within 24 hours.  

A note on logging your hours worked:

  • If your site opens at 8:00am, you are expected to start work at 7:50am so that you can be ready to open the store at 8:00am.
  • If you site closes at 8:00pm, you are expected to work until you have completed closing procedures. This may take 30-45 minutes, so you will stay at work until 8:30-8:45pm.
  • Potential problems:




    • If you have not entered your hours within the two-day window, contact your Supervisor. This should be an exception – it is your responsibility to log your hours regularly. If you miss signing in, it is possible your hours won't make it until the following pay period.
    • If you have logged your hours incorrectly, you can erase the entry and re-log the correct hours worked.  If the hours have already been locked, contact a supervisor immediately.

    You may log hours very accurately – up to the exact minute that you lock up the site and leave for the night. Accuracy is expected.

A few notes on time off requests:

  • The gardening season is short and busy. Burt's Greenhouses is counting on your commitment to work regularly.
  • Time-off requests can be approved or denied. The approval of your request depends on other time off requests made by co-workers, the reason for the request, the frequency of your requests and your ability to make the request on the website as early as possible.
  • Holidays like the Victoria Day weekend and Canada Day are very important days for sales at Burt's Greenhouses. If you request time off on these dates it will be very difficult to approve the time off request.
  • It is unlikely that time off requests for successive weekends will be approved.
  • If you already anticipate a time-off request, please make it on the website as soon as possible. This applies to graduation, volunteering, weddings, appointments, etc.
If you do not remember your employee login information, please contact the supervisor immediatley. 

Your Payment for Working at Burt's


You will receive payment for hours worked at Burt's Greenhouses, by direct deposit, every second Thur..  The last day of the pay period is the Friday before the deposit is made.