Housekeeping and Waste Management

  • The area inside and outside the greenhouse should be neat and tidy.
  • Keep the cash area clean and organized with lots of space so that customers can put down their purchases.
  • You will have a supply of garbage bags. It is your responsibility to make sure that the driver gets your garbage when he/she makes the delivery.
  • Keep empty flats or trays neatly stacked under a table close to the cash area so that customers can use them to collect their purchases and take them home. Before you run out of flats make sure you get some from the driver. They should always have some on the trailer.
  • It is your job to remove yellow leaves and old flowers from all plants. Try cutting these off with scissors or by hand into an empty flat so that you can dump the contents directly into the compost barrel with little mess.
  • You will have a compost barrel for your clippings from the plants. When it is getting full, remember that compost barrels should always be on the delivery truck so exchange should be easy. Again it is your responsibility to make sure it gets exchanged.
  • You will also have a water barrel. Keep it full and make sure the lid is on tightly. It will be used for emergency plant re-hydration and for emergency water supply.
  • Make sure that all trash that blows around the greenhouse is picked up.
  • Sweep the entire greenhouse area at the end of each day.

Any plants that you do not think will sell should be sent back to the greenhouse. This includes dead or sick plants. When in doubt ask!