Displays and Signs

Creating Attractive Displays

The display of the greenhouse should be set up for maximum visual effect.

When customers see the greenhouse, they should see a colourful, eye-catching display.

You should stand back and look through the eyes of a customer on a daily basis.  Are displays colourful and beautiful? What can be done to attract customers? Try leaving the site and looking at plants from the parking lot or from different angles inside the site. Are displays still attractive?  Check your displays from different perspectives! Would you buy those plants?

The entrance-way should be appealing and the benches should lure people in for a closer look. The benches should be organized so that customers can find what they are looking for, so that you and your co-workers can quickly locate things and to make ordering more efficient.  The layout of plants must make some logical sense.

  • 1. Organize plants into perennial, annual, annual vine and vegetable areas
  • 2. Within these categories you should also have a sun-loving display and a shade-loving display (Check the sun requirements for each plant)
  • 3. Organize all perennials alphabetically by Latin names and according to pot-size (All 3.5-inch black pots together, followed by a section with all 4-inch pots together, alphabetized in each section)
  • 4. Do you have a lot of stock of one particular plant? Put some of it beside the cash area and it will grab the attention of customers that wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Bring some of the flashier, good-looking plants up to the cash area, they will become conversation pieces, and they’ll sell like hotcakes!
  • 5. Empty benches are not attractive. Keep the benches full, keep the flats full and always move plants from the back of their flat to the front so that the same plants aren’t always shoved to the back. Customers will be able to reach them more easily, and you can water them more easily at the front.
  • 6. Make sure price signs are always visible and correct.
  • 7. Your display will change as the inventory changes. Some plants will be more prominent and more popular at certain times of the season. Example: Some plants are not that popular at the beginning of the season if they do not have flowers. As plants go into bloom, they will become very popular. Remember to show these off!

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…

  • If a customer sees a plant, they should be able to see signs that provide information on that plant: what is it and how much does it cost? Ensure you can see those signs.
  • Signs should be easy to read and should avoid hiding the plant and in turn not be hidden themselves.
  • Signs are available on your order.mde program. You are responsible for ordering the signs you need.

There are several kinds of signs

Regular and sale price signs, plant information signs, other information signs, clip on signs …

  • For almost all perennials there are individual signs with a picture of the plant and a brief description. If you have the plants, make sure that you also have their signs.
  • Please do not write prices on plant information signs.
  • There are price signs for group prices. Example: Annual 4-packs (of any kind of annual plant), hanging planters, etc.
  • There are price signs for individual, more popular annuals. Example: Geraniums.
  • If you don’t see a sign listed for what you want on order.mde, please write a note in the comment area of your order and a sign will be created.
  • If you make hand written signs or post information on white boards, make sure they are neat and attractive. These temporary signs can be a great source of information for any daily promotions or for focussing attention on groups like “Sun Lovers” or “Shade Lovers.”