The Most Important Things That You Need to Learn Quickly

Communicating regularly with your co-workers will be one of the most important things that you do to learn quickly.  Each site has 2-3 full time workers and at least one part time worker. You will need to communicate with your co-workers:

  • Organizing tasks and priorities through Taskfreak
  • Verbally when working together
  • By note through Taskfreak when you are not working together.
  • Sometimes by telephone

There are lots of occasions that require communicating with your co-workers.

  • To ask your co-worker to start his/her shift early if you are very busy
  • To let your co-worker know that you have left a note for Ruth that should be included in closing procedures
  • To let them know that an order should be arriving soon
  • To tell them that you are expecting something on the next order that is reserved for a particular customer
  • To tell your co-worker that a new plant has arrived
  • To let your co-worker know the sales total when you closed last night
  • Just to say hi!

Use TaskFreak! And Communicate with co-workers

  • There will be a task on TaskFreak for noting customer requests. This should be viewed and updated regularly.
  • Notes of a longer-term nature (eg suggestions, advice, guidance, direction from supervisors, Alex, Brian & Ruth …) should be written in a "pass-on" notebook to ensure that all of your co-workers are kept informed.
  • If you have a note to submit with your envelope to Ruth, leave it in the cash register so that your co-worker will see it when closing.
  • If you make a mistake on the cash register, prepare a note immediately so that your co-worker will know what to expect if they are closing.
  • Learn from the experience of others!

Remember – your co-workers may be very knowledgeable on plants, insects, watering, plant care, etc. ASK THEM QUESTIONS!!! He/she can be a great resource.