Burt’s Image and Priorities

Burt’s has developed a reputation in Odessa, Kingston, Napanee and Belleville for its healthy plants, sound plant advice and exceptional staff.

The good reputation that Burt’s has worked hard to create is important to consider when caring for plants, talking with customers and arranging your display. As Burt’s public face, that reputation is in your care; foster it well.

Here are some marketing ideas that will help promote our image:

  • High quality plants are Burt’s strength. Other garden centers do not pay much attention to deadheading, sending back plants that will not sell, and watering plants correctly. (You can imagine how their plants look!) Your priority is to care for the plants so that they will thrive and sell quickly.
  • Customer service is also a priority. Burt’s customers are loyal because employees provide excellent service, are friendly and knowledgeable about plants.
  • You should keep a stock of every plant variety that Burt’s has to offer (when in bloom or sold green- up to the capacity of your site) so that customers can choose from an assortment of plants. Many other garden centers have limited varieties and do not make an effort to order plants that are requested by customers.
  • Displays should draw the customer into the store. Plants can sell themselves if they are well cared for, in bloom and green. Refer to the “displays” section in this manual for tips on creating effective displays.

Many of our customers return every year to buy because they know that Burt’s plants are of excellent quality. Once the plants arrive at your site, it is your responsibility to ensure that all plants continue to meet high quality standards.  Check the manual section on “evaluations” to find out what you should be doing to care for plants.

Burt’s has been working with sites in grocery store parking lots and has created important relationships with these stores.  You may be interacting with grocery store contacts on an infrequent basis. Please remember to be friendly and helpful if a grocery store worker comes to your site.

At the main BGH location in Odessa, Burt’s has a volume discount scheme that makes our prices significantly lower than many other plant retailers. If a customer is searching for a discount, then recommending a trip to Odessa is a great suggestion.

Burt’s Priorities

•1. Plants – care and well-being

  • a. Assessing needs & providing water
  • b. Deadheading
  • c. Removal of dead/dying foliage
  • d. Maintaining a good selection on site
  • e. Return to Odessa of those too unwell to sell

•2. Customers – a very close second

•3. End-of-day balancing – accuracy

•4. Everything and anything else



Are responsible for everything that you do

As well as for what you do not do